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To Start…

From the ocean…

Luderitz cultivated  – S.Q.
Hand picked wild oysters – S.Q.

Mussels Marinier  – R90
Saldahna bay Mussels sautéed in white wine, garlic, touch of cream.

Tandoori prawns – R110
Papaya, coriander & sweet chilli relish, soy sautéed cabbage.

Sardines ‘Assadas’ – R78
Flame grilled. Roasted green pepper, onion & olives.

Falklands calamari 
Grilled tubes – R98

Asian Calamari – R110
Falkland Calamari tubes & tentacles, flash-fried, served on rocket with Japanese mayonnaise, brinjal chutney

Prawn Cocktail – R120
de-shelled steamed prawns served with an avocado pear topped with our home made seafood cognac dressing

Escargot – R85

Baked in a creamy garlic cream.

Confit duck spring rolls – R90
Shredded duck with Julienne vegetables wrapped in a spring roll pastry and served with pickled ginger and sweet chilli sauce

Portuguese chicken livers – R75
Sautéed in a mild peri-peri.

Beef Carpaccio – R90
Whole grain mustard mayo, wild rocket & parmesan shavings

Beef fillet trinchado – R95
Cubed beef in white wine, garlic, bay leaf & a touch of cream.

Grilled Chouriḉo – R85
Simply served with home-made vegetable pickle.

Pigalle mezze platter – R325
Sharing plate of choriḉo, Portuguese chicken livers, calamari tubes & trinchado

Pigalle fusion  platter – R350
Sharing plate of prawn tandoori, hloumi cheese, duck springrolls, calamari



Pigalle Greek salad (v) – R85
Served traditionally.

Pear & almond salad (v) – R85
Dijon honey dressing.

Grilled haloumi salad (v) – R110
Roast vegetables, balsamic dressing.

Roquefort Salad (v) – R85
Seasonal greens with cherry tomatoes, topped with a creamy Roquefort cheese dressing

To Follow…

From the Ocean

‘Pigalle’ shellfish selection
All our shell fish is sourced locally and from Mozambique & simply prepared in our time honoured method, to truly celebrate their natural flavours.

All shellfish & platters are served with 2 of the following accompaniments:
Savoury rice
French fries
Seasonal sautéed vegetables

Baby native lobster – (500g) : R450
Prepared Thermidore -style – R525

Large  – R440
XL  – R595

Queens – R245
Kings  – R310
Tiger giants (3pc) – R525
Jumbo giants (1pc) – SQ

Why not enhance your shellfish by one of our speciality preparation methods.

Sauce Naḉional – R45
Gently cooked in green chilli, Beer & cream.

Sauce Aguillio – R45
Sautéed in white wine, garlic & peri-peri.

‘Pigalle’ Platters

Seafood platter for 2 – R895
Grilled native lobster, queen prawns & langoustines, pan-seared line-fish, sautéed calamari & moulles mariniere.

Shellfish platter – R535
Grilled native lobster, langoustines & queen prawns.

‘Pigalle’ platter – R420
Grilled queen prawns & langoustines.


Seafood specialities

Mozambique prawn curry  – R245
De-shelled prawn tails in a coconut & home ground masala sauce, served with basmati rice & fresh dhania

Baragoul line fish: 
Sautee of baby potatoes & seasonal vegetables, carrot & white wine valoute.

Line fish Fillet : – R195

Wholefish – R240

Mediterranean Kingklip – R265
Topped with feta cheese & olives, Mediterranean sautéed vegetables, de-shelled queen prawns & mash potato.

Baby Kingklip – R225
On bone to retain natural flavour Served with seasonal sautéed vegetable sor chips.

Salmon Teriyaki – R285
Teriyaki marinade, mashed potato & seasonal sautéed vegetable

East Coast Sole
Caper beurre- noisette – R225

Falklands calamari – R220
Sautéed in lemon butter, stir fried vegetables & chips.



Our meat selection
All of our steaks are caringly wet aged for no less than 28 days, and sourced from reputable sustainable sources. Griledl on an open flame in your choice of either:
1). Lightly brushed in our home-made basting
2).Coated with 3 peppercorn mix & Maldon salt

Please refer to our accompaniments and sauces to customise your steak to suite your desire.

Beef Fillet (200g) – R160;       (300g) – R220

Rib Eye (300g) – R215
Limited fore quarter cut with its light marbling, makes this the connoisseur’s choice

Prime rib (600g) – R220
Limited fore quarter cut with its light marbling, makes this the connoisseur’s choice

Flame-Grilled Pork Ribs  (half):  155 ;           (full)  : 265



• Garlic Roll – R45
• Savoury or basmati rice – R45
• Chips or mash – R45
• Sauteed seasonal vegetables – R45
• Portuguese salad – R45
• Spinach, sautéed or creamed – R45
• Rustic roasted honey butternut – R45
• Onion rings crisped – R45

Meat Specialities…

Portuguese steak – R235
Fillet prepared authentically in a white wine, bay & garlic. Portuguese chips & a fried egg.

Balsamic fillet – R235
Horseradish mash, wilted spinach, caramelised baby onions, balsamic reduction

Pork Belly – R195
Pan roasted loin, crisp crackling, sweet potato apple rosti, cauliflower puree, Parisian carrots, cider jus.

Flame grilled pork ribs (half portion: R150)   ; (full portion: R260)
Honey and ginger marinade, sweet & sour braised red cabbage, chips

Lamb Cutlets R245
served with mint mash, garlic, stir-fried vegetables

Oven braised lamb shank – R250
Tomato & rosemary braised, Butter nutmeg mash, sautéed seasonal vegetables

Venison Loin- R240
Slow braised with bombay Sapphire jus. Pommes-anna & cider roasted root vegetables

Free range Portuguese chicken – R165
Baby chicken in our home-made peri- peri, flame grilled, chips & Portuguese salad

Chicken Supreme – R150
Chicken breast stuffed with brie, sundries tomatoes butternut puree, basil pesto, set on risotto

Organic Pekin duck  – R275
Confit leg, pan seared breast. Beetroot, green bean, walnut & new potato sauté. Butternut cinnamon puree & marmalade jus

From the earth…..(vegetarian)

Wild Mushroom Risotto (v) – R155
Picked mushrooms sautéed in garlic butter, reduced in chardonnay tossed in rissotto and topped with Parmesan

Mushroom Ravioli (v) – R160
served with asparagus spears, baby marrow, cherry tomatoes and a creamy truffle sauce

South Indian tomato dhal (v) – R145
Traditional red puy lentils in vegetable stock & with cilantro. Cumin yoghurt & garlic Naan.

To indulge…

Traditional malva pudding – R75
Crème angalais.

Chocolate Fondant – R89
Pure decadence,Vanilla bean ice cream

Crème brulee – R75
Served simply with caramelized crust

Ice cream nut cake – R85
An old favourite. Bar-one chocolate sauce, crème Chantilly

Vanilla bean ice cream – R75
Home-made hot chocolate sauce

Pannacotta- R75
Italian style accompanied by mixed berries and an orange sauce

Lemon Tart- R75
Pastry based with baked lemon custard

Cheese & Biscuit- R80
Salty crackers topped with either Wensleydale cheese or basil infused Mascarpone (ask your waitron for availability)