5 Things That Make the Top Restaurants, Top Class

5 Things That Make the Top Restaurants, Top Class

While it may be hunger or a craving for something specific that makes you want to go out, dining out is an experience that goes beyond the food. It is this experience and the reputation that it builds for restaurants, that influences a diner’s decision when deciding where to eat out.

Top restaurants spend years paying meticulous attention to detail in order to create an irreplaceable ambiance and taste experience that customers will keep coming back for. The following is a list of three influencers that place a restaurant in the elite category:

The taste and presentation of food

This is the most obvious reason as to why the best restaurants retain their title.


The amount of patrons that frequent a fine-dining establishment is usually a good indicator as to the popularity and quality of their restaurant. You can be fairly certain that their food is fresh, prepared in-house and tastes delicious, if you need to make a reservation in order to secure a table.

The location

One of the key phrases people search for on Google when looking for a place to eat is “restaurants near me”. It is of course only logical for a fine dining establishment to be situated in a more affluent location. High-end establishments require quality resources, which in turn, cost the customer more money. For this reason, the customer base is far more likely to live in wealthier areas meaning your establishment is more likely to be successful if it too is located in these areas.

Patrons are rarely ever in the mood to venture too far from home. Unless, they are visiting a particular area on a business trip or on holiday, people are likely to stick to restaurants in and around the areas they live in.

The Pigalle Group has three world-class establishments for dining out in the upmarket areas of Sandton, Bedfordview and Melrose Arch.

The seating (and proximity of the tables)

Our Melrose restaurant is the perfect example of the importance of ensuring that there is an ample amount of space in between tables, creating an intimate feel, without having your guests seated too close to other people. No one likes being in crowded spaces but you don’t want the area so sparse that it feels cold.


There also needs to be a number of seating options (including movable seating) to be able to cater for groups of various sizes and, of course, the view and ambiance are crucial to the overall experience.

The service/staff

This element is just as important as the food. In fact, bad service can overshadow the memory of a great meal.
People are different, so it is up to the staff to be able to gauge just how much attention a client may want, as well as how to interact with each client.
Quick, polite service usually does the trick and prompts guests to spend more time in the restaurant.