Eat Out and Stay Healthy at Pigalle Restaurants

Eat Out and Stay Healthy at Pigalle Restaurants

Often you hear the advice that you cannot eat out and stay healthy. This is not necessarily true, if you are educated and make healthy choices when eating out.

The first step is to be informed about what your meal really consists of. The best restaurants in Johannesburg will be able to tell you how the food is prepared, how large the portions are and which sides you will get.

When you eat out in one of the really good restaurants available in South Africa, they will generally allow you to make substitutions: replace starch sides with a salad or vegetables, order smaller portions of meat or choose fish rather than meat. Another simple change you can make is to ask for your meal to be grilled instead of fried. Get a baked potato instead of fries or grilled fish instead of battered.

You could also forgo the main course in favour of a salad and two starters. This can be a fun solution when you are at a restaurant that has a great selection of seafood or vegetable based appetisers, because it allows you to try a number of dishes. There are some amazing restaurants in Sandton that will have you feeling utterly satisfied with their mouth-watering starters.

Scientists at Pennsylvania State University found that volunteers who ate a large salad before the main course ate fewer calories overall than those who didn’t. So before doing anything else when eating out at restaurants, order a salad. This is only true, though, when you avoid the creamy salad dressing, pasta, potatoes, bacon and noodles. Get a vegetable salad fresh with leafy greens.

Another great tip is to get your salad dressing on the side and dip your fork in before you skewer your salad. You will be amazed at how well this works to flavour your salad while keeping your calorie intake low. Most eateries, like restaurants in Melrose for example, will be happy to oblige and provide dressing in a small bowl.

Also, think about what certain phrases mean and you will realise that there are a number of things you should actively avoid on a menu, such as creamy, breaded, crisp, stuffed, sauced, buttery, sautéed, pan-fried and au lait. While these are delicious and restaurants in Bedfordview specialise in such delicious treats, it’s not great for your waistline.