What Makes Pigalle one of the Most Romantic Restaurants in JHB?

What Makes Pigalle one of the Most Romantic Restaurants in JHB?

Pigalle’s Johannesburg properties were recently honoured with the Best of Johannesburg award for Most Romantic Restaurants in JHB of 2015! We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to our guests for casting their votes every year, and consistently keeping us amongst the ranks of the best restaurants in JHB.

Ever since first opening the famous Vilamoura restaurant all those years ago, we have constantly made every effort, and spared no expense, in making a trip to our restaurants a memorable and luxurious experience. Pigalle, like Vilamoura, is a benchmark of Johannesburg sophistication – a little taste of European Elegance right in the heart of South Africa – and of course a setting famous for hosting the most romantic occasions. We’ve seen it all – from first dates between nervous teenagers, to surprise proposals, engagement parties, and even 60th Anniversary dinners!

But what makes a meal romantic? How does Pigalle manage to create the perfect private and intimate atmosphere for romance to blossom? We have a few theories!

Champagne and Oysters

All shellfish seems to be associated with luxury, eroticism and romance, but no more so than the humble oyster. There is definitely something sensual about an oyster lying in its shell, glistening and raw; and many great authors have drawn attention to this fact. To paraphrase Rebecca Stott’s book Oyster, “…eat oysters and try not to think of sex”. So when oysters are paired with another of the world’s famous aphrodisiacs – fine French champagne – you’ve got a winning recipe for romance.

Pigalle restaurants boast some of the best-stocked cellars of any restaurants in JHB, and our selection of champagnes and sparkling wines, from Moet et Chandon and Cristal to South Africa’s own Graham Beck MCC. Whichever you choose, there is no more romantic drink, and no better partner to a plate of our plump, ocean fresh oysters.


Plush Surroundings

What makes a restaurant romantic? It should be intimate, but with sufficient space between tables, lively enough to have a warm atmosphere, but not too loud that you can’t hear your partner speak. A romantic restaurant needs just the right amount of many ingredients, but never too much of any!

Every Pigalle restaurant is furnished and decorated with luxury, comfort and intimacy in mind. Add to this our trademark romantic lighting and gentle mood music, and you’ve got a recipe for date-night success!

The finest foods and wines, the most beautiful settings, and a perfect atmosphere for romance – it’s no wonder Pigalle is known as the best date-night location around! Don’t forget to get in touch for any special anniversaries or romantic occasions by visiting