Seared Salmon R120
a tian of cured Norwegian salmon served on fresh avocado and sesame encrusted seared salmon drizzled with teriyaki sauce
Calamari & Shrimp R115
Seafood duo of calamari and prawns sauteed in chilli, garlic and parsley
Prawn Cocktail R97
Steamed prawns and avocado, beetroot, topped with our home-made Cognac cocktail sauce
Black Mussels R80
Prepared in a white wine veloute with a touch of paprika
Trinchado R90
Pan-fried cubes of lean fillet of beef served with a tangy, lightly spiced sauce
Wild Mushroom Ravioli R87
Served with asparagus spears and cream sauce
Pigalle Mezze Platter R355
Trinchado, calamari, chourico and chicken livers
Pan Seared Scallops R220
Served on spring onion risotto and corn puree
Prawns R120
Choice of Sauteed with garlic and chilli / Nacionale sauce
Calamari R90
Succulent baby tubes, grilled in a light garlic and lemon butter
Oysters R25ea
Served in portions of three, six or twelve, recommended with a lime and chilli dressing – R28 ea Thermidor R35.00 each
Escargot R80
Infused in cream garlic butter
Beef Carpaccio R95
Thinly sliced with crisp shallots, wild rocket, pecorino Romano crisp and truffle dressing
Portuguese Chicken Livers R80
Grilled in lemon butter & served with a mild peri-peri basting


Caramalised Pear & Almond Salad (v) R75
Fresh pears and almonds, caramelised and drizzled with a creamy Dijon mustard dressing Add Gorgonzola cheese-R25.00
Caeser Salad (v) R80
Cos lettuce, anchovies, bacon and oven roasted herb croutons
Caprese Salad R95
Sliced fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and sweet basil, seasoned with salt and olive oil
Pigalle Greek Salad (v) R79
Traditional, tossed in a creamy herb dressing


Prawn Soup R95
Prawn and shiitake mushroom served in a seafood and coconut broth
Roast Butternut & Cumin Soup R75
Served with pecans and sour cream


‘Pigalle’ shellfish selection – All our shell fish is sourced locally and from Mozambique & simply prepared in our time honoured method, to truly celebrate their natural flavours.

All shellfish & platters are served with 2 of the following accompaniments:
Savoury rice
French fries
Seasonal sautéed vegetables

Queen Prawns R260
Tiger Medium Prawns S.Q.
Sauce Naḉional R50
Simmered in beer, garlic, mild green chilli and a touch of cream
Langoustines S.Q.
The sweetest of all shellfish… Grilled in lemon butter and lightly brushed with garlic
Moçambican Prawn Curry R270
A flavour some mild curry, with coconut and coriander
King Prawns R290
Tiger Giant Prawns S.Q.
Lobster R520
Grilled in lemon butter and lightly brushed with garlic
Lobster Thermidore R570
Lobster loosened from the shell and sautéed with cream, cognac, Black cherries and topped with a parmesan au gratin
Calamari R210
Succulent baby tubes, grilled in lemon butter and lightly brushed with a garlic marinade

All the above Prawns are butterflied and grilled to our longstanding 33 year old recipe and are subject to availability


'Pigalle' Platter R490
Delicious combination of prawns and langoustines grilled in lemon butter and lightly brushed with a garlic marinade
Seafood Platter For 2 R890
Baby lobster, prawns, langoustines, line fish, calamari and mussels, prepared in our unique recipe
Shellfish Platter R590
Combination of baby lobster, prawns and langoustines grilled in lemon butter and lightly brushed with a garlic marinade.


Sole (Lemon Butter) R220
Grilled and served on basil mash with a casserole of baby peas, red onions and pepperdews
Baby Kingklip R250
Served on the bone with shrimp fried rice and panache of vegetables.
Salmon Teriyaki R230
Norwegian salmon marinated in teriyaki, sauteed Asian vegetables and drizzled with sweet soya and seasame dressing
Baby Kingklip With Chilli Ginger Beurre Blanc R260
Calamari and Line Fish Curry R250
A decadent, mild calamari and line fish curry, made with coconut and coriander
Line Fish with Chilli Ginger R230
Sole (Creamy Prawn Sauce) R270
Grilled and served on basil mash with a casserole of baby peas, red onions and pepperdews
East Coast Sole S.Q.
When Available
Linefish Nacional R270
Grilled & served with seared scallop & black shell mussels, Mozambique nacional sauce
Linefish with Creamy Prawn sauce R250


Our meat selection All of our steaks are caringly wet aged for no less than 28 days, and sourced from reputable sustainable sources. Grilled on an open flame in your choice of either:
1) Lightly brushed in our home-made basting
2) Coated with 3 peppercorn mix & Maldon salt

All grills served with a choice of french fries or mustard mash potato and a mélange of vegetables

Beef Fillet R220
Lamb Rump R230
Rib Eye R230
Prime Rib R250
Rubbed in crushed black pepper, sea salt and wholegrain Dijon mustard seeds


Mushroom Sauce R50
Green pepper corn sauce R50
Blue Cheese Sauce R50
Balsamic Jus R50
Port Wine Sauce R50
Portuguese Sauce R50
Garlic and Parsley Butter R50


Balsamic Beef Fillet R230
Mustard mash and wilted spinach with an onion and balsamic beef jus
Ostrich Fillet R210
Pan seared, shiraz jus with a butternut puree and beetroot
Springbok Loin R230
Grilled and served on basil mashed potato, wilted spinach, sautéed wild mushrooms and port wine jus
Lamb Shank R220
Slowly pot-roasted in a lamb jus, served with mashed potato and vegetables.
Whole Baby Chicken R210
Marinated in fresh garlic, green chilli and served with a side salad and fries


Side Vegetables R46
Side Salad R65
Sauté Mushrooms in White Wine R60
Shrimp Fried Rice R65
Mashed Potato R50
Garlic Roll R15
Creamed Spinach R50
Side Vegetable Risotto R55
Sauteed Spinach R60


Baked Chocolate Mousse Torte R72
Served with chocolate syrup, compote of cherries and chantilly cream
Hot Malva Pudding R70
Smothered in crème anglaise or butterscotch, brandy snap, vanilla cream
Baked Cheesecake R70
Marbled chocolate and vanilla seed cheesecake, chocolate ganache
Crème Brulee R70
Served with nut biscotti
Selection of Fruit Sorbets R60
Please enquire on range of flavours
Large Cheese Platter R170
Pavlova R70
Crème chantilly, tropical fruit with a passion fruit coulis
Chocolate Fondant R80
Served with pistachio ice cream
Chocolate Mousse R70
Dark and blond Valrhone chocolate mousse with almond sable
Pannacotta R70
Chilled vanilla infused cream with seasonal fruit, fresh mint and an orange reduction
Small Cheese Platter R95